Carte de la Guadeloupe
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(Lonchura punctulata)

En Guadeloupe, le Capucin-damier n'est pas le seul Estrildiné présent, on peut observer également le capucin nonnette (lonchura cucullata). Le capucin nonnette est bien plus discret et ne semble pas avor réussi aussi bien son adaptation.

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Nutmeg mannikin
Two years ago I recognized four or five of these " small " Autraliens moving together, probably escaped of a nearby breeding. Now, one will have to count them among the actors of local fauna, because the band can join together an about sixty individuals in a few minutes at the time of our scéances of the most animated photographs. The " gligli ", small sparrowhawk local which did not make its appearance yet on this site, benefits from now on from these regroupings to feed with the detriment from most inattentive from these visitors. One can almost all ask this pleasant visitor always ready with offered his heart!

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